Invariably, whenever I ask someone who they’re voting for in the election, I get answers such as, “Alcohol,” or “none of the above,” and it’s not uncommon to hear someone say that this is the worst election cycle we’ve ever had, that the candidates are like choosing the lesser of two evils, etc.

And I generally reply that they’re half right. The Republican party is in a severe image crisis, like your teenage daughter that can’t decide what to do about her love for One Direction after discovering your box of Morrissey albums in the garage. The Democrats, for all their scars, seem to be doing OK.

Full disclosure – I was a Bernie supporter. I liked a lot of his ideas and thought he had a pretty good direction as to where he wanted to take the country. I also liked the fact that he didn’t have a true party affiliation, and that he didn’t seem to be beholden to any particular special interests, especially since his platform was to get money out of politics and get politics off of Wall Street.

My candidate lost. Boo-fricking-hoo. I’m not going to shed a tear. As much as I liked Bernie, the numbers were *not* in his favor, regardless of claims of DNC shenanigans. So I have to suck it up and realize that my preferred candidate is not going to be one of my choices come November 8.

But people seem to have short memories. Sure, Hillary isn’t my preferred candidate. She does and says a lot of scary things insofar as her hawkishness towards war, her acceptance of Wall Street money, and the fact that she can’t decide where to store her emails. However, her main opponent has absolutely no experience in politics, is wildly unpredictable, and is unwilling, or unable to unplug from social media, as evidenced by his inability to shut up during the debates. I get that Donald disagrees with Hillary, but interrupting her to say, “Wrong” or “such a nasty woman” while she’s speaking isn’t presidential at all. It’s the kind of thing the deadbeat ex-boyfriend says on the stand while his jilted lover explains to Judge Judy why she’s entitled to $200 to compensate for her destroyed Morrissey record collection.

And his business acumen doesn’t impress me, either. Corporate entities enjoy a lot of benefits of their incorporation status than we as Americans, and that our government don’t.  For example, if Trump Co. declares bankruptcy and completely liquidates, Trump Co. will cease to be. America can’t do that. A trustee can’t sell our assets to satisfy our creditors.

I know Clinton has experience. I know she’s able to surround herself with people that will give her good advice. I don’t care about her pantsuits, or her voice, or her hair, or her wrinkles, or her pneumonia. I care that she won’t send a provocative tweet to China, or Mexico, or Canada, the minute she assumes office. I care that she understands the ramifications of nullifying trade agreements and treaties. I care that she understands the difference between rhetoric and policy, and that a Supreme Court justice is more than the 2nd Amendment, or abortion.

Again, I’ll reiterate that she’s not a preferred candidate. But, assume you’re hiring a person for a job and you get four resumes. The position must be filled. Do you hire the most qualified person for the job? If you like Jill Stein or Gary Johnson and believe they’re qualified, by all means, vote for them. But if you’re voting for one of them because you can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary, what’s the point?

If you disagree, feel free to tell me in the comments. Also, I’d love to know who you’re voting for and why.