“The media is biased!”

I can’t tell you how often I hear this, and it pisses me off. The word media is the plural of medium, so the statement should read “The media are biased!”

So you’re wrong. Period.

Kinda sucks when people nitpick your argument, right? That’s what you do when you claim a media bias. You poison the well so you can dismiss any claim your opponent makes that cites a reliable media source without having to address the merits of the argument.

Now, does media bias exist? It would be stupid to say it didn’t. But it’s a perfect example of confirmation bias because your perception of media bias is based on your own beliefs. A negative story about guns? If you like guns, you’re going to immediately believe there’s a bias since the article disagrees with your standpoint. Never mind the fact that the article cited multiple reproduced nonpartisan scientific studies and compiled statistics to find a consensus. As long as that article doesn’t say what you want to hear, it’s biased.



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