5 06, 2017

London Bridges Falling Down – 19

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Mandatory sentencing - I support minimum sentencing, and community service. Extenuating circumstances surround each case, let the judges use their better judgement. Digital privacy - If you open it up to the government, you open it up to the world. It's a Pandora's box. Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Wikileaks, hacking, etc. Personal security must [...]

22 05, 2017

Reply to: Tricky Trump? Slick Don? – 17

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To address your points: Republicans are OK with Comey going after Clinton but also OK with Trump firing Comey for investigating him. It seems that Trump does not know what he is doing. Trump is now contradicting a lot of what he said during his campaigning. Mandatory sentences for non violent drug crimes is [...]

3 05, 2017

Reply to “Our All Natural Footprint” – 15

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Recently read a blog post by Richard Branson on the subject of plastic pollution. "Plastic pollution has been described as ‘the apocalyptic twin of climate change’. In my opinion, that is no exaggeration." http://www.virgin.com/virgin-unite/my-journey-source-solution There is no "garbage patch" There are many "garbage patches" trash congregates to various degrees in numerous parts of the [...]

3 04, 2017

CBP Visits NOLA – 13

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This episode CBP travels to New Orleans, Louisiana to cover the local arts. We feel that the arts are at risk with the Trump budget cuts. Please support the arts by buying art, going to shows, dine locally, and vote for political officials who also support the arts. Because when you go out on [...]

12 03, 2017

Trump: Pinocchio or Chicken Little? – 12

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Trump is detached from reality. Every time Trump speaks his nose grows a little, like Pinocchio. Trump and his administration also resembles Chicken Little. They cry that the sky is falling with all the irrational fears they are promoting. This should be a serious concern to the American people. Here are some alt facts [...]

22 02, 2017

CBP Special Edition, Quick Reintroduction To The Podcast – 11

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This is a quick reintroduction to the Confirmation Bias Podcast. We are your hosts, Keith and Kevin Ledig. Keith became an engineer, Kevin became a lawyer, fields that require analytical and critical thinking. Together we argue a lot about politics and current events, so we decided to make as many people listen to our bickering [...]

18 02, 2017

Mainstream Media Doesn’t Lie, Fringe Media Does – 10

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Some people, like president Trump, accuse mainstream media for being fake. The truth is mainstream media is "mainstream" because it is as close to the middle as possible. Fringe media is what is fake news. Unfortunately fringe media is propagating a lot if misinformation and people are replenishing this rubbish on social media. Immigrants [...]

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