There are a significant number of people in the USA who believe fake news as though it is gospel. These same people consider well established, reputable main stream news organizations as fake news. You could disregard this as trivial if it weren’t for how many people are eating up the tripe of fake news. 

I’ve been in discussions with several people in social media who definitively believe that the Las Vegas shooting is a hoax. And last night I almost got into a fist fight with a man who was talking about this exact thing. I couldn’t help but ask about the thousands of people who witnessed this event first hand. Victims, first responders, reporters, hospital workers, law enforcement agencies, body cameras, cell phone footage, etc. Then he got mad. Did I disrupt his delusional belief with a bit of reality? I only succeeded in pissing him off, not my intent. 

You can’t present facts and win the argument. Many people are entrenched deeply in their inaccurate belief system. Conspiracy theorists are a lot like Islamic terrorists, they are held up within their highly fortified belief system and have an unchangeable bias to their thought process.