So, a few notes from your response – you said you need to treat drug addiction like an illness, not a crime. I don’t necessarily disagree, but I don’t believe you should analyze the problem that deeply. You have to look at the issue as a whole and address whether the punishment fits the crime. I routinely read cases at work about tax cheats, people who cheat the government out of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. The typical sentence is measured in months, as opposed to years. Now, we’re talking about sentences of like 27 months, that’s not like the minimum sentencing standards set for drug crimes, which we view as a vice crime. remember Miami Vice? these are moral crimes, things that are bad because we say they are, not because they’re inherently evil. Minimum sentencing for taking a substance that makes you feel good. Minimum sentencing for paying for sex. Now think of your typical white collar criminal – the guy who cheated a retiree out of his pension, or the bankers who almost destroyed the global economy. They didn’t get jail sentences. They got bonuses. They didn’t get prosecuted. They got bailed out.

Oh, and let’s not forget the racial aspect when it comes to those minimal sentencing standards. In other news, a 20 year old white male drugged and raped his 16 year old sister, and was sentenced to … four months in jail. Judge William Follett said that the “stigma” of the conviction and sex offender registration were enough to deter him and others in the community. He was originally sentenced to three years in prison with all but 240 days suspended in favor of granting probation for rape of an intoxicated person. I wonder if the young man would have faced a stiffer sentence had he been charged with supplying his sister with drugs?

You mentioned the wannacry virus. You’re right, Microsoft addressed the issue a long time ago, and even issued a patch to Windows 95 machines, which they stopped supporting YEARS ago. And yes, Apple did the right thing defending the privacy of their users. It’s a double edged sword that we live in a time when terrorists can use the same technology we enjoy against us. “But if you’re innocent, you shouldn’t have anything to hide!” True, but if you’re a good cop, you shouldn’t violate the constitution and my rights to do your job.

Trump, and congressional republicans plan to cut medicare and medicaid. I perused the budget proposal the day it was released and I found the math to be way off. It seemed as though they were double counting in certain areas, and cut taxes in areas that serve only to help the wealthy. Take, for example, the inheritance tax, or as the wealthy call it, the Death Tax. Remember that our country was founded strictly with the intention of moving away from the aristocracy of the old world, of Great Britain. Remember that we have no titles of nobility here. The idea was that everybody started out on equal footing. Keith Ledig’s children have the same chances as Donald Trump’s children to succeed int he world. Now, we all know that’s not true, and there are many advantages of being born to wealthy parents, but the idea of an inheritance tax is to prevent the old world hording of money. So our government allows us to leave a certain amount to our children, tax free, up to $5,490,000 in 2017.

It’s all about perspective. Estate Tax or Death Tax?

Perception v. reality
How you think you look v. how you really look like
(guys who carry guns around, people who wear cowboy hats/boots)
Red state/blue state
Muslim hijabs v. jewish wigs (and other similar cultures)
Terrorist bomber in Manchester targeting children v. Trump’s budget removing funding crucial for children’s health and accidental gun deaths
Always Sunny HS reunion episode dance scene
Patriotism – waving a flag (or bumper sticker) v. actual action, such as paying taxes to ensure your nation is well supported.
We live in a society, a civilization. We’re Americans because we make up the U.S.A. Duh, i know, right? But in all seriousness, we live in a nation on 307 million people. It’s not the Keith states of Keith, or the individual states of whatever, it’s the United States. We live together. My success is our success. My failure is our failure. We like to think of the wealthy as job creators, but we ignore the opposite side of the spectrum and prevent the poor from contributing to society by keeping them poor. We oppose providing medical care to all because we want to keep the rich rich, when in fact, a significantly high percentage of people in the nation would be devastated by an injury or illness.

The economy and money, how it works…
Price of a hamburger – way underpriced to sell lots, but unsustainable since the people who prepare them are underpaid
Tangible amounts of money in the world. Gold standard v. fiat currency
Technology! Robots take your job myth – the combustion engine, electricity, computers, etc…