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2704, 2017

Our “all-natural” footprint – 14

Apologies for the delay between podcasts, but unfortunately I've been in the process of trying to sell my home and buy a new one, resulting on all of my recording equipment being placed into storage. This brief vignette deals with my observation on our footprint as humans, and the effect [...]

304, 2017

CBP Visits NOLA – 13

This episode CBP travels to New Orleans, Louisiana to cover the local arts. We feel that the arts are at risk with the Trump budget cuts. Please support the arts by buying art, going to shows, dine locally, and vote for political officials who also support the arts. Because when [...]

3001, 2017

Fake News – 9

Today we talk about an info-graphic I posted on social media about media bias. I make the point that most of mainstream media is reputable and could lean a bit in one direction or another but do not publish fake news. There are groups of (some) liberals and (more) conservatives [...]

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