Mainstream Media Doesn’t Lie, Fringe Media Does – 10

Some people, like president Trump, accuse mainstream media for being fake. The truth is mainstream media is “mainstream” because it is as close to the middle as possible. Fringe media is what is fake news. Unfortunately fringe media is propagating a lot if misinformation and people are replenishing this rubbish on social media.

Immigrants will not subject you to sharia law. The US constitution protects you from any individual or group from forcing you to follow laws that are not federal, state, or local government law. Religious law is optional and anyone who follows it is doing so in a voluntary basis. Examples of this are wearing the burka, being married in a church, not using contraception (for Catholics) and other religious or cultural traditions.

California did not allow 800,000 illegals vote in the election. This has been proven false. California allowed these people to get a CA drivers license so that they could get auto insurance and drive legally. This is better than you getting hit by an uninsured motorist. These non-citizens who hold a CA drivers license are not allowed to vote. Many non-US citizens hold a drivers license but do not have the same privileges as a US citizen.


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