The Confirmation Bias Podcast
The Confirmation Bias Podcast
Merry Trumpmas! - 7

Christmas is coming and presents need to be bought. Do you shop at brick and mortar stores or online? Do you feel that shopping online is selling out the American economy? I like to shop online for certain things because often the specific item I want to get is not available locally. I am very particular with what I buy. I just don’t get what is on sale. I compare and do research. Once I determine what I want regarding features, I specify an exact make and model – nothing else will do.

Have you noticed that many products at some big box stores are less quality than others? These items are usually cheaper, but you get what you pay for. We discuss the Wal-Mart effect and how we have personally experienced this. You can vote with your dollars. We discuss how Starbucks, while they may not have the best coffee, they operate with responsibility and treat their employees well. Same goes with Costco.

Back in the day we lived with less, and life was simpler. Today we must have all kinds ot stuff. Our house gets filled with cheap stuff made in China. Do we really need all this stuff? We are only fueling the economic model of manufacturing cheap goods with the lowest cost labor possible. Meanwhile skilled labor jobs in America are dwindling.

Trump will be sworn in soon, and his cabinet will be appointed and start running their respective agencies. There are many appointees that are very rich, many that are Wall Street insiders, and will probably dismantle their agencies or at least significantly alter the operations of those agencies.

We discuss how we are concerned with the possibility of a trade war with China. Trump is talking tough on China and he isn’t even serving as President yet. If Trump plays hard ball with China, a trade war could ensue. This could result in recession and job loss, exactly the opposite of what he promised the American people – more skilled labor jobs.