New YearPocalypse 2016 – 8

Deepwater Horizon was that very deep water oil well in the Gulf of Mexico that sprung a leak and spilled oil and caused a terrible impact to wildlife and the economy of the people who live along the gulf coast or make a living of working in the Gulf.

The native American people stood against the Dakota Access Pipeline and big oil to stop the violation of their lands in Standing Rock, N.D.

Kevin is playing devil’s advocate (pun intended). We get a short lesson on what the Satanic Tenets are, as the flip side to putting religion in schools and public places. If someone gets their panties in a wad just hearing the words “Satanic tenets” then think how non-Christians feel when people want creationism taught as an alternate to evolution, or the 10 commandments put in public (government) places. The separation of church and state exists not just to protect other religions but also to protect Christianity. What applies to one religion should apply to all religions. We are not coming to eat your babies, rest assured. This was simply an example of flipping the script on religious references.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist, and hosts some awesome shows about science and the origins of the universe.

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