I get reprimanded for not using a helmet when biking.


Today we talk about being prepared for disasters and how you can do it in a practical way.


You can find the referenced episode of the Super Smart Guy Podcast here:

Then we talk about annoying cell phone use.


Then there’s labels:

There’s a famous quote by Soren Kierkegaard that most people probably know it from Wayne’s World, that “once you label me, you negate me.”

Through history we’ve placed labels on everything. Often times it makes sense to do so, as labels make it easier to identify a group with common interests. “I’m a Democrat.” “I’m a Republican.” “I’m a Presbyterian.” “I’m a Giants fan.”

Say those words and you get rid of a lot of the groundwork. I don’t have to worry about mentioning Eli Manning’s qb rating only to get a funny look back. But the problem arises not when we label ourselves, but when we label others.

“He’s a liberal.” “She’s an atheist.”

Are those statements true? It doesn’t matter. When I label myself, I’m creating the opening for you to make assumptions.  But when you label me, you’re making those assumptions without my permission.