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“If you voted for someone who said he prefers soldiers who don’t get captured, who insulted a gold star family, who said he knew more than the generals, who said he always wanted a Purple Heart, who dodged the draft, and who called the US military a disaster, please don’t pretend that you’re angry at those who kneel during the anthem because it’s disrespectful to our military.

And if you voted for that person because he’s not politically correct and he says what’s on his mind, please don’t tell me that kneeling during the anthem is wrong.

And if you voted for a reality show star because he’s an outsider and not a career politician, please don’t tell me that athletes shouldn’t voice their political views.

And if you voted for him because he cares about the Constitution, please don’t tell me that people shouldn’t exercise their right to free speech.

And if you voted for him because, despite his wealth and comfortable life, he was willing to go out there, be made a target, and say what’s really wrong with this country, please don’t tell me that black athletes should just shut up and be grateful to be rich.”

(Taken from a comments-section debate on how Pat Tillman’s wife says that her husband died for people to be able to protest).

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