Fantastic podcast episode about confirmation bias. Facts aren’t enough to convince someone, you need emotions. Even though many studies have shown there is no link between vaccines and Autism, many people are still compelled to believe there is. You can show a climate change denier compelling scientific evidence that climate change is real, yet they will cling to their beliefs that it is not. We have enormous amounts of scientific data indicating the earth is 4.6 billion years old but many think it’s been around for 6,000 yrs.

Our friends at Hidden Brain created an awesome podcast episode I just had to share with you. Shankar Vedantam has been producing amazing work for years now. I really enjoying promoting people who add amazing value to the world. His episode this week just happens to be in perfect alignment with the theme of our podcast. Enjoy and subscribe. And tell him that the Confirmation Bias Podcast sent you! ūüôā