When we started this podcast, our goal was to debunk unfair biases we all seem to impose on certain aspects of life and society. We tend to look at things based on our own belief systems regardless of established facts or science. There’s no proven correlation between going outside without a jacket and catching a cold, but we still perpetuate the myth, and when we get sick, we load up on Vitamin C. Again, no correlation.

So let’s talk about vaccines. Vaccinations are victims of their own success. They work so well that we forget about them and start believing we don’t need them. And, the minor ailments caused by vaccines (sore muscles, extremely mild forms of the illness, etc.) take over our mind. “I had such a bad reaction from the flu shot once, I haven’t had once since!” Fortunately, many still do, and as long as the population stays above the herd immunity threshold number, you’ll continue to be protected, despite your unwillingness to get inoculated. Now we have people who link vaccines with disorders, such as autism, caused, in this instance, by a long discredited study by a disgraced doctor. But, as the saying goes, a lie will be halfway around the earth when the truth leaves the front door.

To be fair, I used to believe in some of the anti-vaxxer claims. No, I didn’t believe they caused autism, but I did believe that a healthy immune system is one that’s built up, a theory that may hold some water. But that’s no reason not to get vaccinated. It’s far more beneficial to get immunized to a debilitating disease than to suffer from that same disease.

You can learn about the benefits of the herd immunity here.