During Watergate, congressional Republicans were the ones who asked, “What did Nixon know, and when did he know it?” Today, we’re faced with news that, if it was written for a TV drama, you’d think it was too contrived.

Nope. It’s true. Russia, our best friend/worst enemy, depending on who you ask, may have rigged the elections. James Comey, the greatest/worst director of the FBI, depending on who you ask, may have been hot on the trail, ready to crack the case wide open.

Is it possible to sweep something like this under the rug while everybody’s watching? The Republicans are sure gonna try! let’s find out if it works!

PS. I had a little fun with the intro to the show.

Hey Keith, so big news recently…

Donald Trump fired FBI Director james comey. There’s not a lot of information out yet, but some of the rumors have it that he was fired after he requested more funds to investigate the Russian influence into the past election. President Trump claimed that he fired Comey because he botched the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and that he was going to fire him a lot sooner than he had. We can let it unfold rather than speculate the actual reasons for the firing or the ultimate ramifications.

But, here we have an form of confirmation bias. I noticed on facebook several conservatives claiming the seemingly clear double standard with regard to how Democrats wanted Comey fired for screwing over Hillary Clinton, and now we’re mad at Trump for doing what they wanted.

What this argument ignores is that, yes, Comey seemingly dripped the ball with regard to the 2016 Presidential election, since absolutely nothing came from the investigation. And Trump didn’t fire Comey because he said the book was reopened on the email scandal, Trump fired Comey almost 4 months after his swearing in, and 7 months after the election, when Comey was apparently looking into something that may have put trump into office, and, more importantly, may have compromised the very office of President.

So these are two different issues. On its face, it seems that Trump fired Comey because he was getting close to opening Pandora’s box. It’s almost as if it’s the plot to a really bad movie, you know, the one where the plot basically gives itself away in the first 5 minutes…

And here we are. Progressives want an independent investigator to look into whether shenanigans took place, and conservatives claim that absolutely nothing nefarious went down. But this is where I want you, and anyone listening, to think about things objectively. If all of the names and faces were changed, and you knew nothing about politics or the political leanings of the people involved, would you be so quick to defend them? When Watergate went down, the Republicans were the difference in ensuring justice came to light. Today, the Republicans fight tooth and nail to double down on their horrible decision to back this president.

And, as if things can’t get any more fucked up – Jeff sessions decided to reinstate minimum sentencing standards on nonviolent drug crimes.

This is troubling for a number of reasons. First, we’re overcrowding our prisons. Second, we’re essentially condemning low level offenders to the dregs of society. Third, we’re ignoring the huge disparity in drug convictions and sentences for blacks vs whites. And fourth, this change ultimately benefits the for-profit prison industry. Your tax dollars at work.

For profit prisons is one of the banes of my existence. What’s the point of being for profit? It’s to turn a profit. Duh. But in the free market, there’s this thing called supply and demand. But here you’re artificially creating the supply to meet a demand that’s being funded by our taxes.

Let’s profile one of these such corporations…Core Civic, trading, at the time of this recording at 33.27 dollars per share. If you’re looking for a great stock tip, it’s a strong buy right now, and it pays a dividend of a buck sixty eight per share. But our government shouldn’t be based on great stock advice, it should be based on what’s right for the people, not profiteering corporations.

But what could possibly go wrong?! If you feel so inclined, google the Kids for cash scandal…

And if that’s not enough of a red flag, keep in mind that the same for-profit prisons are the ones being called upon to house potential deportees and asylum seekers.

An easy parallel would be to consider the for-profit mercenary security contractors  that fought along side our troops in the middle east. These guys were paid five to ten times the average salary of your typical infantry, but that didn’t stop them from trying to get tax-exempt status for “fighting” in the middle of a war zone. Fortunately, the Tax Court sees through the bullshit, but nevertheless, the possibilities and implications for wrongdoing are rife.

I’m not sure what else there is to say, we’ve got a situation in which our president seems to be creating a world of shit, and the people who supposed to serve as his check and balance are doing nothing to stop him.