Trump Elected, Now What?

Will Trump be a one term president? What do the next 4 years hold in store? What will Trump’s legacy be?

What were Trump’s campaign promises?

  1. ‘Build a wall’ — and make Mexico pay for it
  2. Temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States
  3. ‘Bring manufacturing (jobs) back’
  4. Impose tariffs on goods made in China and Mexico
  5. Renegotiate or withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement and Trans-Pacific Partnership
  6. ‘Full repeal of Obamacare’ and replace it with a market-based alternative
  7. Renegotiate the Iran deal
  8. Leave Social Security as is
  9. Cut taxes
  10. ‘Bomb’ and/or ‘take the oil’ from ISIS

What about other Republicans’ ambitions, now that they have a rubber stamp?

Paul Ryan’s plan to phase out Medicare is just what Democrats need

Hey, Trump voters! Paul Ryan is already coming for your Medicare.



Give Trump a fair shot

Protesters need to accept that they lost!


Electoral college:

The Troubling Reason the Electoral College Exists


CGP Grey’s Electoral College videos:

How the Electoral College Works

The Trouble with the Electoral College – and the [UPDATED VERSION!]

Re: The Trouble With The Electoral College – Cities, Metro Areas, Elections and The United States


Could electoral college elect Hillary?

Could the Electoral College elect Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump?

Election results

 Trump unprepared

Obama has given himself a new task: educating Trump

Donald Trump is unprepared to be president and doesn’t even know how the West Wing works

During their private White House meeting on Thursday, Mr. Obama walked his successor through the duties of running the country, and Mr. Trump seemed surprised by the scope, said people familiar with the meeting. Trump aides were described by those people as unaware that the entire presidential staff working in the West Wing had to be replaced at the end of Mr. Obama’s term.

Trump’s Transition Team Is Just Now Learning What A President Does

To-do lists for an unprepared president-elect

Trump’s antics

Trump attacks ‘fools’ at The New York Times

Kushner at the center of Trump transition ‘infighting,’ sources say

Glenn Beck???

Glenn Beck: The alt-right is truly terrifying


Professor predicted Trump win, says he will be impeached



Misc show notes:

Cost of Hepatitis C vaccine

Trump’s “Blind” Trust

NPR Planet Money podcast on Trump’s first 100 days in office


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  1. Kevin Ledig November 18, 2016 at 4:42 PM - Reply

    Few notes – I did *not* say irregardless, even though it sounds like I did! Also, the pipeline will go under the Mississippi river, not over the land. And, although Allan Lichtman received his Ph.D. from Harvard, he’s currently a professor at American University.

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