Trump is detached from reality. Every time Trump speaks his nose grows a little, like Pinocchio.

Trump and his administration also resembles Chicken Little. They cry that the sky is falling with all the irrational fears they are promoting. This should be a serious concern to the American people.

Here are some alt facts (inaccurate data or outright lies) that Trump believes and has announced to the world. There is no evidence for these claims, they are completely unfounded.

Trump believes he had significantly more attendance to his inauguration than he actually did.
Trump believes over 3 million people voted illegally.
Trump overstates any risk of refugees or immigrants to national security or terrorism.
Trump overstates the harm caused by illegal immigrants from Mexico.
Trump thinks it’s easy to boost the GDP in order to generate revenue in taxes.
Trump underestimates the damage caused by a travel ban.
Trump underestimates the damage caused by nullifying TPP and NAFTA.
Trump believes Obama had his phones tapped.
Trump thinks mainstream media is fake news, yet he gets advised from Breitbart.
Then again this is the man that insisted on seeing Obama’s birth certificate for years.
Trump says crime is up when in fact it’s down. Based on FBI crime statistics.
Trump says the economy is in shambles when in fact it’s doing the best it has since the 2007 crash.
Trump references terror attacks that never happened. Bowling Green and Sweden.
Trump doesn’t believe in climate change and is punishing agencies with budget cuts.
Trump believe immigrants tool all the American jobs. The fact is jobs were lost to globalization and automation. Decisions made by corporations in the name of profits, and to stay competitive.
Trump thinks Obamacare is a failure. In fact 20-something million more Americans now have health insurance thanks to Obamacare. Also dependents up to age 26 can stay on parents policy, and they did away with pre-existing condition – a major improvement to healthcare.