The Confirmation Bias Podcast
The Confirmation Bias Podcast
What's the deal with health insurance? - 21

I went to ER last month because I was concerned with some symptoms. Good thing it was just indigestion. However the real illness occurred when I got the bills. Bills that added up to $2500. And I have “good” health insurance from my employer.

Deductibles and copays and fees are rising, while coverage is falling. Employer provided healthcare is getting worse every year. The employers blame politics but we know they are just making more profits.

The Republican plan is a disaster – defunding of medicare/Medicaid, pre-existing condition, minimum coverage plan.

The only way healthcare will work in the USA is to have everyone on the same plan. The fact is everyone subsidizes those who are sick. Everyone will need healthcare at some time or another. The government needs to regulate prices or at least set rules. Why are consumer goods prices posted before purchase yet healthcare is not? Car repairs are similar to healthcare, a reasonable estimate can be made ahead of time. Why should the USA pay high costs for pharma while the rest of the world has regulations preventing high cost for many/most pharma?

We as a nation need to arrive at an approach to treating uninsured people, or insure everyone. Uninsured or grossly under-insured people will still get treated, and those with insurance will subsidize those without anyhow – the providers will not operate at a loss. Do we agree as a nation to not treat those with no money or insurance? Many feel this way. If so let’s at least agree to have people dying in the streets. Those without money have lives that are worth less than those with money. That is capitalism.